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January 19, 2020by Matt Parkes

The new role

Set up and manage coach education, including; Level 2 discipline specific modules, core and assessment, Level 3 discipline training specific tutorials and assessment, coach updates, first aid courses, safety and rescue (FSRT) and safeguarding. There will be a set budget for coach education and a balance sheet for each event must be given to the Norwich Canoe Club treasurer.

Set up and manage approximately 20 training days per year for the Norwich/British Canoeing talent hub based at WBH. The days will target talented athletes, including Juniors, Under23s and Seniors, and also include days specifically for paddlers under 12 years. The training days will also include athletes from outside Norwich CC. The training days are likely to be made up of single days and multiple days or training camps. The plans for training days and their content and staffing are to be presented on an annual calendar (so far as possible) to the Norwich CC coaching executive and Norwich CC committee for approval.

Seek funding from outside sources to support this program in the longer term. The sources may be local government, open reach (para), sports grants or donations of which will be paid into Norwich CC.

To undertake this role a person needs:

  • At least level 2 coaching qualification and with flat water racing experience.
  • Ability to communicate (oral, written, electronic) with a wide range ages.
  • Ability to organize and implement plans for groups.
  • Their performance will be assessed at 6 month intervals to help development and improve the levels of coaching and athletes performance.


For the new role to be sustainable after BC funding ends in 2021, Norwich CC intends to address this in two parts:

  1. The new membership schedule presented and agreed at the AGM, which shows a steady increase in membership fees for adults and for the junior fees to increase at a faster rate to match those of the adults by 2022.
  2. The new role will also include seeking funding for the Club from outside sources. The sources may be local government, open reach (para), sports grants or donations Norwich Canoe Club.

The role will operate in its basic form but monitored and developed by Norwich CC and may have input from British Canoeing and we will make changes as required.


Payment for the work done will be at a rate consistent with that for other coaching in the club for services at this level. To discus details of remuneration contact the head coach.

Applicants should apply to

The head coach Norwich Canoe Club by email: by the 31st January 2020.

Matt Parkes



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