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Details of membership types and fees

Club Membership and Fees 2021

Please note that where a member re-joins the club the year after having ceased membership then the full years membership is payable as a single payment. Paddlers may want to only paddle in the summer but we don’t allow the direct debits to be stoped and started to facilitate this and therefore effectively reduce their membership payments. A subcommittee comprising three members ( normally made up of the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) can allow exceptions in special circumstances such as severe illness.

Please read this information carefully as Membership fees have increased for 2020 and there is additional information regarding insurance and K2 storage. You can email me with any issues at the above address.

You will be pleased to know that you don’t need to confirm your membership on line but you do however have to let me know if anything changes such as emergency contacts, telephone numbers or important medical information. I also manage the club email database so if any club member within your family do not receive club emails and would like to please let me know. If you do not intend to renew your membership please let me know so I can stop chasing you.

As approved at the November AGM the membership fees have increased for 2020 and there is a revised family membership fee structure- details of the 2020 fees are as follows:

Social membership is £48pa. In the above matrix the 2nd adult may be a social member if not paddling.

Fees can be paid either as a one off bank transfer or by 12 monthly bank payments during the year as shown above.

If you have set up payment by a fixed annual or monthly bank instruction would you please update that instruction to reflect the revised membership fee before the 1st January. If your membership status has changed (e.g. from Junior/student to adult) you will need to change your payment instruction.
New members joining after the 1st April are required to pay the pro-rata membership fee as a single payment, with the option of paying monthly in subsequent years.

You can liaise with Mike Harrison our treasurer with any standing order issues by contacting: treasurer@norwichcanoeclub.co.uk

Once membership is paid it is not normally refundable unless there is a special arrangement with the treasurer. We do not normally change the type of membership during the year as it becomes too complicated to track different standing orders.

Bursaries are available in specific circumstances – please ask if you believe you might qualify.
You can view the bursary form on the forms page here.

Boat Racking
Boat racking for one KI comes with membership. On 1st March 2020 any members who have not paid may have their boat racking reallocated. If you subsequently pay you may have already lost your usual space.

There is no guaranteed second K1 racking. If you feel, for your training needs you need a second rack you should write to Dyson or Tim by the end of January explaining why you need it. A charge of £50 is payable by the end of February if your request is granted. New second boats must have racking agreed before they are delivered to the club.

Limited storage is available for members K2’s at no additional charge. Approval for storage must be requested in writing from Dyson or Tim and will only be granted on condition that the K2 is in regular use during the year and not just stored for one off specific events. If the K2 is not regularly used then the club reserves the right to reallocate the racking. Please ask if you have any queries regarding racking.

Boat Insurance
Please be aware that the club insurance policy does not cover loss or damage to your canoes/paddles or other personal equipment including loss/damage while stored at the club or while being carried on the club trailer. The club cannot accept any responsibility for damage to member’s boats and other equipment. British Canoeing offers member’s special rates for boat insurance- see their website www.britishcanoeing.org.uk/insurance

British Canoeing database

BC have set up a “My Club” database for affiliated clubs where we can link our club database to the BC database. This link is achieved where the BC member shows their club membership within their BC login account. It would be helpful if you would check your BC login account to ensure you have shown your membership of Norwich Canoe Club.

In relation to the above and with your agreement we may share your membership details (but not medical details you have entered on your club membership form) with British Canoeing. This is to provide insurance for your club activities, manage your club associate membership, and to allow BC to properly administer the sport on a local, regional and national level. If you are not member of British Canoeing then they will provide you with access to an online portal to administer your details. Please let me know if you do not wish your information to be shared with BC.

If you have any welfare concerns please discuss this with us. The club has two welfare officers Mike Walsh and Fiona Grady. Their photos and contact details are up in the clubhouse. We are always happy to talk through any issues.  See more information on our Safeguarding page.

Saturday support in the canteen
The club is able to keep cost down by running the weekly Saturday morning canteen at the boathouse and you or a family member will be asked to help in the kitchen. The catering rota is organised by Alex Booth and regularly updated on a rolling 3 months. If you are not available for your allocated date then please arrange a date swap with another member and advise Alex of the swap. Please remember to check our website for lots of other useful information.



We run introductory sessions for beginners throughout the warmer months. If you are interested in joining the club please get in touch via the button below.