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Before the Race.

What you need to know before your first race.
How do I sign up for a Hasler Race

Entering a race is easy. There is a calendar on the ‘Racing’ page of the club website, listing all the races that are coming up. An entry form will appear on the club noticeboard in the boathouse a couple of weeks before the race, and all you have to do is sign up. The club’s marathon rep will enter you for the race and will collect the entry fees from you at the boathouse or you can pay online.

If its a non standard race and a centralised entry isn’t being done, you’ll have to send off your own individual entry to the organiser

Can I use a club boat?

Yes, you can use a club boat. About two weeks before a race a list for reserving club boats will appear on the small blackboard in the boathouse, write your name and a good description of the boat you want to reserve.

Whilst all efforts will be taken to give you the boat you want the Head Coaches have the last say as to who gets which boat. Compromise may be required as a boat is required by certain paddlers, they may need a fast boat for promotion, a selection race or because they are a para-ability paddler.

How do I get my boat to the competition?

The club recommends that you buy a set of V-Bars for your roof. An example from Kirton is at http://www.kirtonkayaks.co.uk/home/shop/shop-racks/135-v-bar-aero-kit. The deck of the kayak is the weakest part so it is best to carry the boat using the hull.

The Club often takes a trailer to races.  You can reserve a space on the trailer for a fee of £10. A list for the club trailer appears on the small blackboard in the boathouse about two weeks before a race.? Write your name on the list. It should be noted however that priority goes to the crew boats (2 and 4 person boats) that are large and difficult to carry on car roofs.

Which division do I race in?

If this is your first race and you are over 12 years of age you will start in Division 9. Under 12s and Under 10s have their own races in lightnings: these are normally between one and two miles.

Marathon racing is based on a divisional structure. Apart from Under 12s and Under 10s, everybody races according to ability, not age or sex. You will start off in Division 9, which is the lowest division. If you are in a single boat, you’ll be entered for the Division 9 K1 race: if you are in a double boat, you’ll probably be entered in the Division 9 K2 race, unless you are paddling with a much stronger paddler, in which case you might get bumped up a division. Your number will show your division. All division 9 numbers will start with 9. K1 numbers will be 901 to 949; K2 numbers will be 951 to 999.  The same principle applies to other divisions, so for instance, 721 would show a division 7 K1 paddler, and you’d now there are at least 21 paddlers in that race. Division 9 races are normally about four miles.

Where do I get information on the race?

The Canoe Club that is hosting the race will publish information on their website.? For the Eastern Region see:

  • Cambridge: https://www.cambridgecanoeclub.org.uk/index.php/racing/cam-marathon
  • Bedford: http://vikingkayak.co.uk/
  • Leighton Buzzard: http://lbcc.org.uk/leighton-buzzard-hasler/
  • Bishop Stortford: https://stortfordcanoe.weebly.com/
  • Chelmsford: http://www.chelmsfordcanoeclub.co.uk/

You can also speak to the Marathon Rep and Coaches for advice. Also look on the Notice Board as the Marathon Rep usually pins up an information sheet.

At the Race

What you need to know on the day.
What time should I arrive?

Before the day, find out what time your race starts, and what time the briefing is.

Aim to arrive at least an hour before the briefing. This will give you time to unload your boat, collect your race number board from the Norwich Canoe Club Marathon Secretary, find the start point, stretch, have something to eat and possibly have a warm up paddle.

What do I do before the race?

Get yourself ready and get your boat set up. Make sure all the nuts on the footrest, seat and rudder are tight – they might have come loose during the journey. If you took the buoyancy out, make sure you’ve put it back and it’s secure.

At the briefing, the race organiser will explain the course, talk about any hazards and then announce the order of the races. Races normally go off at one minute intervals, and Division 9 races are usually the last, or among the last, to go. You’ll be told where to warm up, and where to wait for the start of your race.



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