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September 7, 2018by Chris Groves0
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You could hear the clink-clink of medals this afternoon around the Norwich Canoe Club camp at Nottingham. Keeping in mind that the online results feed is provisional and often unreliable, a list of medal winners is below. There were also successes in the non-championship races. Notable among these are Ben Tansley who competed in his first Paddle-Ability K1 200m race, and Harry Sewell-Catchpole and Ralphie Broomfield who came 6th and 7th in their first lightning races. All paddlers who raced should be proud of what they did this weekend! Not only for racing but also because our club members demonstrated sporting behaviour that on several occasions earned thanks and praise from members of other clubs and regatta officials. Coaches, parents and volunteers be proud too as your contributions were essential to the club?s success this weekend. What a fantastic club!
Medal winners
Women U23 K2 200m ? GOLD L Lee-Smith/S Rees-Clark(NOT)
Girls U18 K1 1000m ? GOLD F Duffield
Boys U16 K2 500m ? GOLD T Booth/B Want
Boys U16 K4 500m GOLD T Booth/B Want/C Smith/K Smith
Women Open k1 1000m ? SILVER S de Bruijn
Women Open K2 500m – SILVER L Lee-Smith/S Rees-Clark(NOT)
Women U23 K1 500m – SILVER L Lee-Smith
Women U23 K1 200m – SILVER L Lee-Smith
Men U23 K2 1000m ? SILVER M Callow/A Nobbs
Boys U16 k2 200m – SILVER T Booth/B Want
Girls U16 k2 200m ? SILVER G Anderson/S Groves
Girls U18 K1 200m ? BRONZE F Duffield
Men U23 K2 500m ? BRONZE M Callow/A Nobbs
Girls U16 K2 500m ? BRONZE G Anderson/S Groves
Boys U14 K1 200m ? BRONZE K Smith
Mens U23 k4 500m ? BRONZE D Terry/ M Parkes/M Callow/A Nobbs
Boys U14 K2 200m ? BRONZE K Smith/L Ferri (ELM)

Chris Groves

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