Bishop’s Stortford Hasler 2024

We went into the most recent Hasler in strong form, winning the last two Hasler races. Could we get a hat-trick of wins in Bishop Stortford?

First of where the Geoff Sanders, Cece didn’t only win her race in C, she also held her own while racing the Geoff Sanders A and B who started at the same time. Warrick had another strong second place. keep up your hard work both of you!
Tom had a solid race in Div 8, finishing strong in 4th place.
In Div 7 Tammy and Robert had another strong start, just missing out on 3rd place. We had Will and Josh in the k1 race. Both of them had some problems with the competition, Will amazingly managed to stay upright when someone tried to spear his paddle, but Josh did have no such luck when he got a tap. However, both did well and finished the race.
Div 6 K1 was all about the Blanchards, with some fierce competition going on. Oli won the family race with a strong second place, finishing 3 minutes ahead of his dad in 4th, who just managed to beat his youngest son. Oli got himself promoted, and I’m sure Hugo would like revanche on his dad in the next race.
The next family event was the father-daughter K2 of Phil and Stacey. They finished in an amazing 3rd place, by working their way through the field after getting completely sandwiched between several boats at the start.
In div4 K1 we had a strong 3rd place finish from Mike, who just beat Richard. In the K2 I earned a lovely 3rd place with Charlotte from Leighton Buzzard, after a mighty overtake chase of the crew 500m in front of us.
Josh convinced Mark to race up into div3, where they won the race by default, being the only crew in the race. However, they got to race the 6 Div3 K1s, which included Billy, and finished 3rd place overall.
Matt and Grace teamed up again, this time in Div2 after Grace her promotion at the Norwich Hasler. They started together with the Div1 K1 and Div2 K1s, and had a flying start of a very packed start line. They kept a position at the front of the pack until the first portage, where Grace had to do some dodging, through to a bit of a flying issue in their group, which led to them falling in. However, they did managed to get back in and finish second. Albert was the only Div 1 paddler, and pulled away from everyone early on in the race.
After so many amazing performances from everyone who raced we came 3rd just 6 points of 1st and 2 points of second. Well done to everyone who raced, and we head into the last race to see if we can win the region. We now go onto leighton Buzzard on the 16th June (also Father’s day).

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