Women and Girls Day at Norwich Canoe Club

A hardy bunch of women and girls from Norwich Canoe Club swapped their racing kayaks for SUPs and open canoes today. The plan – a day of relaxed fun in the sun! Ok, it rained torrentially all morning!
Despite the weather the site was buzzing all morning with women and girls developing new skills, practicing new strokes, swapping between different crafts, trying different paddles. Fantastic to have so many women and girls learning from each other and challenging and encouraging each other. And surprise surprise, towards the end of the morning, as the rain continued to lash down, some a competitive edge crept in and there were some impromptu little races. Evidently you can take these women out of their racing kayaks, but you can’t take racing out of these women!
After a quick change into warm dry clothes and a relaxed lunch, the sun came out briefly and those with sufficient stamina went for another paddle. This time they took open canoes on the river up into the city. Getting back in time to get soaked by the next storm. And still they were smiling!

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